Thursday, February 28, 2019

SI Common solution in Dynamics 365 CRM

We have received a weekly update from Microsoft which caused error in transferring the solution between our environments.
When we tried to import the solution into the target environment, we received error saying:

<Required key="655" type="60" displayName="Přehled prodeje" parentDisplayName="Klient" solution="SICommon (" id="{cb430327-bcc1-416d-959d-db7592e685af}" />
<Dependent key="655" type="60" displayName="Přehled prodeje" parentDisplayName="Klient" id="{cb430327-bcc1-416d-959d-db7592e685af}" />

We don't see such a solution in our system, so we had to ask Microsoft Support for help.
It turned out, that there is a mismatch between our two environments.

The issue we’re seeing is happening due to a version mismatch between source and target environments for the solution “SICommon” which is one of the Microsoft solutions that are not visible from the UI.
On source environment, the version is:
On the target environment, the version is:

Suggested workaround:
If the form is not needed, we can remove the form from the solution on the source environment and re-export the solution
Though this is not recommended, but we can also adjust the solution.xml to remove the tag for missing dependency on this form.

If you don't do anything, it will be solved eventually.

Have a great CRM Day!


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