Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Sharepoint Online Integration - wizard keeps "working" without any error

Last days I have spent quite some on resolving the issue related to Sharepoint integration, so I would like to share my findings with you.

We have an online CRM  (D365CE) instance which we want to connect to the Sharepoint which is in the same tenant. Very simple task, really.

My problem was, that we want to set the site manually, because automatic setting is not how we need to have it in the Sharepoint. So I created the Sharepoint site in Dynamics manually. Then I needed to enable the documents on the entities. Very easy so far.
Then as a last step I wanted to do was to enable the Server Side Sharepoint integration. It did not finish.

The wizard was stuck after the second step, just before you should enter the Sharepoint URL.
I have passed this:
I never got to this:

Very hard to investigate what is going on :-( There was no error, nothing.

I had to contact the support team of Microsoft - they suggested that we need to have Global Admin role to enable the Sharepoint integration (that was not the case, this is not true - you can enable the integration just with Dynamics Admin role). Then they suggested that the URL of Dynamics and Sharepoint should be the same (like xxx.sharepoint.com and xxx.crm4.dynamics.com).
Again, this is just recommendation, but it is not a must.

Finally, we have deleted the existing configuration (the manually created Sharepoint sites) and started the configuration from scratch. It turns out, that you have to start the Server-side Sharepoint integration by enabling this option. Then, the site is automatically created and you can modify it further.

So the conclusion: When you want to use the Server-side Sharepoint integration, always start with enabling it first. Do not make any other changes before you enable the server-side integration!

You don't need to be a System administrator and the URLs do not matter.

Have a good CRM day!


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