Monday, December 3, 2018

Categorized search - view attributes

May be you have noticed that in the Categorized Search, you can see the results organized in groups by entities. Each record contains 3 attributes on the result page. Some of them will have "---" in place of actual values.
Here is the account. By default, the Categorized search shows account name, account number (why??? - this attribute has been removed from the form and therefore it is usually empty) and primary contact.
If you want to change what is displayed, you need to go to the appropriate entity and select Quick Find View.
Open it for editing.
You notice, that this view has the same three attributes as written above. The categorized search displays the first three attributes from this view. So if you want to change the results in categorized search, you need to modify these fields. Just click on the Add View Columns. Make changes, save and publish.

I hope this was helpful.

Have a great CRM!