Thursday, September 20, 2018

There is a new Admin interface for Microsoft Dynamics (CRM) Customer engagement

The biggest change is that the instances are no longer instances, but they are call Environments.

Also, Microsoft has pull out many instance settings into the new Admin center. Admins can now access many setting like data auditing, business configuration, languages, currencies etc. from the admin center.

However, most of them are just link into the Dynamics CRM for now. We will see how it will be improved in future.

I have noticed, that the audit setting has new option – Audit read access, that is very awaited feature.  I turned it on in our environment, but it does not work yet.
How about you? Is this working for you?

The documentation is very limited about this:
So for now, if you need to audit the read access in Dynamics 365, you need to rely on some addon or use the Office 365 audit features, which also supports read access in Dynamics 365.

At the moment, the new admin center does not support coping, reseting and creating new instances (sorry, Environment 😊), backup management, application management and so on, so it is really a preview.
Have a great CRM day!

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