Friday, September 21, 2018

Calculated/Rollup field formula modification button missing

Recently we faced an issue where we were not able to modify the formulas for Calculated and Rollup fields.

When we opened the form where you customize the field, there was no edit button and the field was marked as „Simple“ even though is was rollup or calculated.

It turned out, that there was a bug in the script which is managing the form. It never displayed the button. The error was in Czech version of the Dynamics CRM. In English it was working fine, so we have developer a „workaround“ for this situation.

As you may know, Dynamics CRM has abase language which is selected when you Create new instance. This language is then used in the UI of the customizations. You cannot do customizations in any other language by default.

If you need to open the customization area in other language than is your base language, you can do this:

1.       Enable the language which you need

2.       Switch to the base language

3.       Go to Customization

4.       Open the Solution which you need to customize

5.       Switch the language to the one which you want to use

6.       Return to the opened customization window, once you move to another part of the customization, it will get the language you just have switched to.

You will have to repeat the procedure every time you close the customization windows.

Please note, that this also might be unsupported. I’m not sure.

Enjoy your day with CRM!

Update: The issue with missing button has been resolved in version 1710 (

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