Monday, July 18, 2016

Create Case Privileges

Lat post was about privileges for the opportunities, this time it is something similar, but for Cases.
As I mentioned, I was trying to hide all unsed entities by modifying the security roles. However, the users were not able to create new cases:-(

The SDK for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 says that for creating Case (Incident) you need to have these:


Full list of what is required for creating records is here:

However, this is not correct, because users were still not able to create opportunities.
The first error was:
<Message>Principal user (Id=, type=8) is missing prvReadEntitlement privilege (Id=0925bd85-61f1-485c-b34f-240504216bd1)</Message>

So I added the read privilege for Entitlement, even though we are not using them in our CRM.

Again I wish that things like these would be documented!

Happy CRM day,