Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Microsoft CRM 2016 - UX (current user experience)

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Preview

As Microsoft is working hard on the new version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which will be called 2016, I would like to share the current user experience with it.
The new version of CRM is supposed to be released in Q4 2015, but the official timing has not been published yet. The release date will be published here:

Currently, the most awaited feature is the Interactive Service Hub (or Engagement Hub as it used to be called). This is a completely new feature. It should help the people at the service centers with their work through increasing productivity.
There are predefined dashboards for users to see the overview of cases. Admin can create new dashboards or modify the existing ones. I will talk about this in some of the later articles.
At the moment, the Interactive Service Hub does not take the theme from the CRM and the navigation (buttons, menus) is also different from the CRM. Interesting thing is that the UI looks better in Chrome than in Internet Explorer :-). I hope MS will fix this, because the current version brings completely different user experience and I'm afraid, that the productivity of the service agents will not increase.

What is really surprising is that the current version of the CRM preview still has quite a number of screens in the old CRM 2011 design. So again, the user experience from the application is going to be "mixed".

The Office 365 Groups Setting screen is currently not working as expected.

Happy CRM day,


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