Thursday, November 26, 2015

Dashboards for Interactive Service Hub

Interactive Service Hub dashboards

The new CRM 2016 is introducing the interactive service hub. It is based around dashboards.
Eventhough they are called dashboards, their technology and capabilities are different from the existing CRM dashboards.
You should know that:
  • CRM dashboards cannot be used in the Interactive Service Hub (ISH)
  • CRM Dashboards and ISH Dashboards are not compatible
  • You cannot convert one type to another
  • One CRM dashboard can be set as default and one ISH dashboard can be set as default
  • When you create or modify the ISH dashboard, the end user must download the new version. It does not appear automatically

Creating ISH dashboard

You can create two types of ISH dashboards: Single-stream and Multi-stream

Stream is a new type of component on dashboard. It shows one of the views of the entity that you select.

Each stream can have one view. The view cannot be modified in ISH.

At the moment the stream component in our preview CRM 2016 does not refresh automatically. We have to hit refresh button to see the changes.

The single-stream dashboard can contain only one stream - so it can stream information about one entity only.

The multi-stream can contain more streams on one screen. Therefore you can stream more entities on dashboard.

What are other differences?

In the Single-stream dashboard you can add Tiles - tiles show the count of records in the selected view. Tiles can show information from various entities.
Tiles cannot be added to Multi-stream dashboard.
To both type a Chart component can be added. It is the same as in the CRM Dashboards.

As you know, the CRM dashboards as we know now can also include a List component, a Webresource component and iFrame component. None of these can be used in the ISH dasboards.

I hope that this introduction to Interactive service hub dashboards was helpful to you.

Happy CRM day ;-)