Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Configuration Migration - useful tool for Unified Service Desk

Data Migration Utility

we have been playing around with the Unified Service Desk and developed some extensions to communicate with Asterisk PBX.
However, we have also done a lot of configuration and we need to transfer from one CRM to another.
As you might know, the configuration of USD is stored in regular entities as data, so you cannot export them as a solution and import them in the new system.
You could export them using excel, but you would end up with lots of files and the import would be very difficult.
Therefore, if you are facing the challenge, do not start any development! Microsoft has already developed a tool for transferring data from one CRM to another one.
It is included in the SDK - the patch is like this: SDK\Tools\ConfigurationMigration\

Theres is a tool which is called DataMigrationUtility.exe and it can be used for transfering data from one CRM to another. You can use it with any CRM where you have the webservice available, so onpremise, online and partner hosted.

Transfer of configuration for USD (or just any CRM data) consists of 3 steps:

  1. Create Schema
  2. Export Data
  3. Import Data

1. Create schema

Start the utility and choose Create schema.
Then connect to the source CRM
On the configuration screen choose UII (User Interface Integration) Solution:

Click Add all
Then you should remove the entity UII Audit USD Saved session and usually User as well.
These are system entities and do not include the configuration data.

Please note that in Tools menu you can disable the plugins on the selected entities, you should disable all plugins on all entities.

2. Export data

Click Save and Export

You will get a Schema file which you can use later and then you will be prompted to export the data.
You need to create a file into which data will be exported.

Save both files.

3. Import data

Then close the application and start it again and select "Import data" then just select the zip file and click import.

Then all data will be imported.



  1. Thanks for providing such useful tool for Unified Service Desk.It has been so helpful for many people.Keep sharing such helpful stuffs in future as well

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