Friday, June 26, 2015

Running workflow on Entitlements in CRM 2015

Cannot create workflow based on Entitlements

I was trying to create a workflow based on the Entitlement entity. It was supposed to trigger when Entitlement turns Active and send notification.

I found out, that it is not possible in all CRM system.
In CRM 7.0.x.x you cannot create workflow, action, dialog for Entitlement entity. Only for Entitlement template :-(

However, for CRM 7.1.x.x it is possible. So please be aware of this fact. If you create such a workflow, you solution will not be compatible with CRM onpremise, as there is no Update 1 currently available.

I will continue with this later.


Thursday, June 25, 2015

MB5-705: Managing Microsoft Dynamics Implementations

Several year ago, I have passed the MB5-858 exam. It is now expired and it had been replaced with MB5-705.
I am now getting prepared for this exam, so this article is to increase my motivation :-)

Here is the list of resource I've found useful for this exam:

  • Course 80199A -
    • It is about implementation of AX, GP and NAV. Eventough I work mainly with CRM, I need to go through this course, to know the potential differences
  • Course 80235A-
    • It is a workshop for Managing CRM implementations. I have joined this workshop before I went to MB5-858 and it was very useful
  • Course 80047 - Using Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step - accessible in IT Academy
    • Short version here:
  • Course 80054 - Project Managing Microsoft Dynamics® CRM Implementations with Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step
    • Key resource for this exam
  • Sure Step installation package or Sure Step Online -

During the preparation, I will be updating this article.


Thursday, June 18, 2015

Dynamics CRM 2015 Outlook client Troubleshooting

Microsoft Dynamics CRM client for Outlook

When we upgraded to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015, we had to upgrade the Outlook add-ins as well.
The suggested way how to do it, is to update the client through the update feature.
However we have encountered several issues after the update, so let me share it with you.

Issue 1

One of the errors you may encounter:
To Microsoft Dynamics CRM can only convert an item in your default
repositories Microsoft Outlook.ltem NamezFW: Unable to re-create CRM
Category 8 users

This is caused by items that were tracked in CRM and then moved to other folders. Apparently CRM client is searching the opened Outlook folders for items that are Tracked in CRM and it find an item in a folder which is not default, it shows this error.


In Outlook, you cannot filter emails that are tracked in CRM, so you have to search one by one based on the name. Then you can click untrack and the error disappears.
If you have a lot of such messages, you can also close the connected folder where the tracked emails and not use it anymore.
Neither one of these solutions is perfect, but if you find a better one, let me know.

Issue 2

There is a significant change in how the items are tracked  in CRM 2015. The new Outlook client shows significant delays when inserting Emails into the CRM system.
When you have automatic tracking in CRM turned on, whenever new email arrives into Outlook, you get a popup window which shows the progress. This is very annoying and it always stops your work :-(
We have tried many different configurations, but there are only two ways how to solve it.


1st solution could be to switch the users to Server-Side synchronization and then the synchronization is done by server and Outlook is not involved.

2nd solution is to continues using CRM Outlook Addin for CRM 2013. It works much better in this area, but the user will not be able to Go Offline.

Another option is to turn off the automatic tracking, but then you will not get email into CRM.

So I wish you happy CRM day :-)

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Configuration Migration - useful tool for Unified Service Desk

Data Migration Utility

we have been playing around with the Unified Service Desk and developed some extensions to communicate with Asterisk PBX.
However, we have also done a lot of configuration and we need to transfer from one CRM to another.
As you might know, the configuration of USD is stored in regular entities as data, so you cannot export them as a solution and import them in the new system.
You could export them using excel, but you would end up with lots of files and the import would be very difficult.
Therefore, if you are facing the challenge, do not start any development! Microsoft has already developed a tool for transferring data from one CRM to another one.
It is included in the SDK - the patch is like this: SDK\Tools\ConfigurationMigration\

Theres is a tool which is called DataMigrationUtility.exe and it can be used for transfering data from one CRM to another. You can use it with any CRM where you have the webservice available, so onpremise, online and partner hosted.

Transfer of configuration for USD (or just any CRM data) consists of 3 steps:

  1. Create Schema
  2. Export Data
  3. Import Data

1. Create schema

Start the utility and choose Create schema.
Then connect to the source CRM
On the configuration screen choose UII (User Interface Integration) Solution:

Click Add all
Then you should remove the entity UII Audit USD Saved session and usually User as well.
These are system entities and do not include the configuration data.

Please note that in Tools menu you can disable the plugins on the selected entities, you should disable all plugins on all entities.

2. Export data

Click Save and Export

You will get a Schema file which you can use later and then you will be prompted to export the data.
You need to create a file into which data will be exported.

Save both files.

3. Import data

Then close the application and start it again and select "Import data" then just select the zip file and click import.

Then all data will be imported.


Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Form localized labels in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Reading localized labels through SDK

We have been developing an application which is using the metadata from Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It is supposed to be multi-language, so we need to read Localized labels in various languages from the forms.

We are able to read the labels for fields just fine, but currently there is a limitation (confirmed by MS support team):

  • The SDK does not currently exposes the Localized Labels for Tabs and Section names through .Net
  • You could eventually get the information using JavaScript, but that would only work for the current language
  • There is an unsupported way of getting the Localized labels and that would be accessing the database directly.

So if you are working with CRM Online, you cannot do anything, but if you have onPremise, you can read it from database. If you have control over the hosting machine, then you could eventually create a Web Service to retrieve this information and provide it to your application.

Happy day!