Thursday, May 28, 2015

How to remove locked fields from Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Removing unwanted fields from forms

Sometime you would like to remove system fields from the form which are locked. Field lock is the property you can change on custom fields or on the field.

However, there are some fields which are locked on the form even though this property is not checked.
Most of these fields are system fields and are on the case form. So what should you do when you really want to remove these fields from the form?
  • You can hide them using the Visibility switch or by creating a business rule.
  • You can also move the unwanted fields to the section which is hidden (not Visible by default).

But what if you really do not want these fields on the form?

There is a small trick how to remove them completely.
I create a two column tab, then put all the unwanted fields in the second column. Like this:

Then open the Tab properties and switch the tab to one column. Like this:

Then you the unwanted fields are removed and you will get empty tab which can be deleted.

But please be careful, because you may encounter this error when you do this.

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  1. Nice trick really helpful in my case the field wasn't on the form in the first place i was trying something when i finished i struggled to remove it so i think removing it will not cause any malfunction thanks a lot for sharing this

  2. Thanks I'm glad it helped. I have not noticed any malfunction yet.

  3. Nice trick, but it does not work on Quick View forms, since there is no support for two-column sections.

    1. Yes, you are correct. Unfortunately for Quick View you cannot use this trick.

  4. can this will help to remove the field from the default view?

  5. Is it possible to remove the field(which is required by the system or business) from form in Dynamics 365?

    1. No need to remove such type of field. Just go to the Field Properties -> Display -> Visibility, under the Visibility section unmark 'Visible by default'.

  6. Magic! So Smart trick! solve my headache! Thanks a lot!

  7. Thanks for sharing this trick!

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