Friday, May 22, 2015

CRM 2015 Update 1 - Parature integration

Integration with parature in CRM 2015

You may have already noticed - there is a new configuration area in the Service management of CRM 2015 Update 1, as well as a new Tab KB RECORDS in the Social Pane on the CASE form.
If you have not configured Parature integration yet, you will see Knowledge Base Management hasn't been set up.

In the configuration area it is called "Set Up Knowledge Base Management".

Set Up Knowledge Base Management

Here you can actually integrate CRM with your Parature instance and make the tab on the case form work. It will be searching the knowledgebase from the case form.
Parature configuration
Parature configuration is very similar to the Sharepoint integration. It is good that Microsoft keeps all these settings similar :-)

But what if you don't have Parature and you do not want to have the extra useless tab on your CASE form?

How to remove it?

Well, you have several options how to do it. You can use the Javascript to hide the extra tab.

Personally I find the easiest way to delete the component
You can go to Customizations and edit the form. You will see a component "Conversation tab".

Remove this component.
Then it is gone, but also the activities and notes. So you need to add the Notes component back, that will include the posts and activities as well.
However, it does not allow you to put back the KB RECORDS Tab.

How to add it back to the form?

You can add just the KB RECORD component to the existing form. You will find it in the ribbon (last button on right):

So, that will add KB search in the separate component. If you want to put it back into "Social Pane" the only way in the CRM UI how to do it is to create new form for the case entity. New form automatically includes this component.
I would also suggest to backup the customizations of the case entity before you start playing with this, because that will help you with restoring the KB RECORD tab later if you need it.

Enjoy the CRM!

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