Friday, April 3, 2015

Unified Service Desk - using with IFD

Unified Service Desk - using with Microsoft CRM thorugh IFD

We have been using Unified Service Desk for quite some time already.
It works ok, but the documentation is not as good as the SDK for CRM, so we usually run into many troubles.
Last issue we had was with logging in. Unified Service Desk can be used with CRM Online, CRM Onpremise or CRM through IFD.
When used with CRM online, the Unified Service Desk remembers the CRM credentials and the users enters them only for the first login. The local CRM is using the domain authentication, so no credentials are need either.
When we are using the IFD login (forms authentication), user has to enter CRM credentials after every start of USD. This is very annoying and we were investigating how to get rid of this. We had even a support ticket with Microsoft for this issue. And the result is that this a feature. The only workaround for this is to implement “Keep me signed in” feature in the ADFS by customizing FormSignIn.aspx
Keep Me Signed In ADFS
Keep Me Signed In ADFS

So I hope this will save you some time when you hit the same issue.


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