Wednesday, April 22, 2015

CASE Status Reasons Transitions

CRM 2015 - how to edit Status reason transitions

I don't know why, but CRM has some great new features which are not presented by Microsoft much.

Status reason transition rules is one of those features.

Did you know, that you can now modify the status reason field options for the Case entity and custom entities to define which other status reason options people can choose?

There is one more restriction - each status reason option for an active status (green flag) must allow at least one path to an inactive status (red flag). This is because if you would not do it, it would not be possible to resolve or cancel the case.

When you go and edit a status reason field the Edit Status Reason Transitions button is in the menu. When you click this button the Status Reason Transitions dialog provides the option to choose Enable Status Reason Transitions. When this option is selected you must define which status reason values are allowed for each status reason.
You can enable or disable enforcing this rule.

Here is the screenshot of how we have it set up.
Case Status Reasons Transition Set Up
Case Status Reasons Transition Set Up
So let's hope, that Microsoft will work on this promising feature and enable it for more entities.

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