Thursday, April 9, 2015

CRM Application Certification Exam

MB2-704: Microsoft Dynamics CRM Application

I have passed the CRM Application certification exam for CRM 2015 today :-).

It was not very hard, but not too easy either. The exam is very similar to the previous versions and about half of the questions are focused on the new functionality in CRM 2015 and the marketing stuff is completely out. There is a separate exam for Marketing.

If you are going to take the exam as well, I can share what I studied in order to pass the exam.

If you have some experience with previous version of Microsoft CRM, you need to study mainly the new features that were introduced in CRM 2013 SP1 and CRM 2015. CRM 2015 Update is not included in the exam yet.

So do not forget to learn something about entitlements, automatic case creation, routing rules, access teams, SLAs, business process flows, product catalogue, queues and social listening.

Ususally when I was preparing for previous exams, I used the Training kits. Unfortunatelly, they are not available at the moment, so I was searching for alternate information.
There are plenty of materials in the customer source, blogs etc. But it was just too much, soafter anaqlysisi the exam structure I narrowed down to these three:

Introduction to MS CRM - this is usefull if you are starting with CRM just now

If you are not familiar with Social listening, than I can also suggest this:

I think that these courses cover all the topics for the exam, they follow the outline for the exam and also some quizzes are included, so you can test your knowledge immediately.

All of these are online courses and they are accessible to the Microsoft Partners.

So good luck,

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