Tuesday, March 24, 2015

CRM - System queues

Microsoft Dynamics CRM - Be aware of 3 hard coded system queues

This issue is in all CRM versions, but to me it started to be really significant when we migrated one customer from CRM 2011 to CRM 2013.

The customer was using dashboards in CRM 2011 intensively. The users were taking queue items from the queue, assigning them and resolving them. This was all possible in CRM 2011.

When CRM 2013 was introduced, the dashboards changed. They are no longer useful for work, but rather just for reading. Whenever user wants to work with the items on the dashboard, they have to open a new window.
So here is our issue. When you open queue which is on the dashboard in the new window, it automatically shows the default filter. We wanted to set the default filter to All queues, but the is not possible. (Usually default filter can be set by clicking Set as default)

We opened a ticket with Microsoft for solving this issue and it turned out, that this is hard coded feature in all CRM versions.

So be aware - in the CRM, there are 3 system filters which cannot be set as default, these are:

  • All Queues
  • All Public Queues
  • Queues I'm a member of

"Queues I'm a member of" is usually the default one. Unfortunately, in our case, we do not have private Queues, so the users are not members of any queue. We use public queues, because all queue items should be visible to all users.

We asked Microsoft if this can be changed and the response was negative. It is in the code and it would be too dangerous to change this.

So if you have a similar scenario, keep this in mind.


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